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Hastoe is an independent registered housing association managing over 4000 rented, shared ownership and leasehold homes. Our roots are in innovation. This has led to specialisms in rural communities and in climate protection. The development of the Passivhaus scheme at Wimbish is a perfect example of what we aim to achieve - sustainable homes and communities which provide affordable homes for local people.

Hastoe carried out the housing needs survey in Wimbish which identified a strong local need. We contacted the landowner following initial meetings with Wimbish Parish Council and the ball began rolling, with support from Uttlesford District Council.

As the land to be developed is on a greenfield site, the scheme is being built under the exception site policy to address local housing need. It will provide affordable housing for local people in perpetuity as people will need strong local connections to be housed and no-one will be able to buy more than 80% of their home. Funding has been provided by the Homes and Communities Agency with investment from Hastoe.

Passivhaus is the common-sense approach to delivering low energy, healthy and comfortable buildings. It integrates with the Code for Sustainable Homes and achieves excellent results for organisations like Hastoe who are committed to sustainable homes and communities. Hastoe’s subsidiary Sustainable Homes Ltd is the leading sustainability consultancy providing training on Passivhaus and low carbon retrofit for the sector. Hastoe is also a founder member of the Passivhaus Trust.